Style Your Kitchen with a Monochrome Scheme

Close up of a glossy kitchen counter - Designer Kitchens

Black and white is the ultimate safe colour combination for any type of kitchen.

From tiny kitchen galleys to large, open-plan rooms, monochrome design is undeniably the cleanest and most uplifting scheme next to an all-white kitchen.

It’s not just for modern kitchens but also for the classic designs as well.

Combine textures
Plain monochrome can be a little too flat some people. Throw in a hint of pattern and mixture of different textures to brighten up the space. There’s real elegance when sleek wall panels and rough, textured units are blended in one area.

Block it out
For studio flats and modern apartments, you can never go wrong with high-gloss kitchen units. Use towering white cupboards so your storage would blend with the background, and then go extreme on a fabulous black high-gloss island for added glamour.

Family-friendly design
Having a black and white kitchen can still be achieved even though you have kids around. Simply incorporate easy-to-clean and smooth units for your kitchen to be family-friendly. You could also accessorize it with giant chalkboards and flashes of silvery appliances to enhance the look.

Sprinkle a flash of colour
Another great reason to go for a black and white scheme, is that monochrome offers a neutral base which is perfect for adding a touch of vibrant hue. Any colour of your choice will blend beautifully.

Modernize your kitchen
Black and white is as simple as it gets. It’s the ideal scheme for all the minimalist people around the globe. Further upgrade your black and white kitchen by using handle-less units for a streamlined look that totally screams modern.

Accentuate with black
White is one of the most effective way for making a small kitchen space appear wider and larger. Any petite kitchen can look superbly contemporary when merged with white units, dark wooded floors, and a dash of black appliances for the extra contrast and depth.

Blend it in
Monochrome scheme is also the perfect choice for huge kitchens, as it can certainly complement different areas with absolute ease.

Enveloping a wide, open-space area with white ceiling and walls could unify the dining and kitchen areas. Mount some white towering cabinets, with low-level black units and a matching black island to surely transform your kitchen.

Go for a more classic vibe
A black and white combination perfectly suits a contemporary kitchen, but it’s also an impeccable colour blend for traditional designs.

A Shaker-style white cabinets, combined with black accessories and worktops would look perfect in any traditional farmhouse kitchen amid the stone pavers and countryside beams.

Try out these monochrome designs and transform your kitchen into a modern, minimalist space.