Stylish and Beautiful Kitchen Themes

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Style is easy to appreciate with your eyes than your words. When you see it, you know you like it. Think you have a hint of what kitchen style you want? Here are some tips and guides we have laid out to help you in picking what type of kitchen theme you want and can best fit to your desire.


Farmhouse Kitchens
Warm and comfortable to live, a farmhouse is anchored with life on a land and still gives a homey and functional place. A farmhouse kitchen with gorgeous flooring, a medium sized kitchen island with open shelving and wide sink can make your tasks in a kitchen easy and lovely to work with.


Rustic Kitchen Design
Most homeowners don’t want their kitchens to have a worn, rough and distressed look, some of the words that come to mind when we think of kitchen. But today old and rustic kitchen themes have become the rival of an all-white classic kitchen. All because of the wood, brick and stone that brought some vintage accent to the place.


Modern Kitchen
When the word “modern” comes to mind all we can think of are frameless cabinets, hard and solid horizontal line, simple hardware and has no ornaments or any display at all. The compliments from a modern kitchen design goes to the beauty of the materials shining itself in the whole place.


Traditional Kitchen Island
The details of a traditional kitchen are its own definition of the whole place. From the decorative moldings, cupboards including the arches and corbels and blended together with antique ornaments or furniture. A traditional kitchen can be a classic American or any old-world favor, still it goes with what the owner’s personal style.


Contemporary Kitchen Design
A contemporary design for a kitchen can be smooth and luxurious, while a modern kitchen has more grid and form, a contemporary kitchen has its own uniqueness through the structures mixed with its styles and elements creating its own perfection.


Transitional Kitchen
A transitional kitchen is a great moderator. Having a welcoming and warmth traditional design mixed with simple lines of a contemporary style balances the harmony of a transitional kitchen. This design of a kitchen offers flexibility that’s why it is fit for homeowners with taste of both contemporary and traditional themes.


Craftsman Kitchen
Craftsman theme popularized in the early 20th century, and this is all a response to the mass-produced by the Victorian era. A kitchen with built-ins, wood and handcrafted tiles mixed together with simplicity and charm.


Cottage Kitchen Theme
Modest, cozy and happy, a cottage kitchen brings you back to a carefree and simple living with added accent of the bead boards, and vintage hardware. Soft colors that infuse your kitchen with a cottage comfort.


Classic Kitchen
Classic, an all-white and gray kitchen worktop with simple details and structure. A blank slate that can be improved into a personalized traditional or contemporary design added with a few eclectic touches.


Mediterranean Style Kitchen
Warm wood blended together with hand-painted tile with high colored cabinets, arched cooking alcoves are few of the many features a Mediterranean kitchen has and it one of the most desired kitchen idea today.


Eclectic Kitchen Design
A theme that rejects all pigeonholes and has no specific style is an eclectic kitchen. A freestyle idea of combining a mix and match for your very kitchen. A blended taste of modern and rustic theme with a bit of humor and irreverence