Stylish and Useful Kitchen Island Concepts

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The majority of home owners today would have a kitchen with stylish design, enough storage and great functionality. To achieve these features, you must focus yourself on the kitchen island. If you are choosing a design for your island unit, then here are some ideas we have laid out to help you decide in planning your kitchen island.


Upcycle a desk
When you want to put an island to add storage to your kitchen, try using and old desk or table. They can add some great style whilst also giving you a lot of storage for your kitchen tools.


Stainless Steel
A multi-functional kitchen that can be used for preparing food at the same time a dining area. The stainless steel kitchen island if perfect for such task. The stylish gleaming worktop can be cleaned easily by simply wiping the whole area.


Two-level Unit
Improve your kitchen and give it a multi-functional kitchen island with one level designed as a breakfast bar and the other part as a place for your kitchen tools and appliances. Create unique arrangements that can best fit to your space.


Monotonous Kitchen Island
An ideal design for minimalist home owners is this monochromatic themed kitchen island. Put an island unit with a transitional accent. A part for food preparation and another part for accommodating guests.


Little Kitchen Island
Design a kitchen island with an old-fashion charm. Recycle any used table or desk and turn it into a useful kitchen tool by removing the drawers from the bottom to provide more storage and space for added kitchen utensils.


Plain Industrial
Put some recovered pieces together to create together a unified industrial look. Place some wood bar stool, a light background can be great. This will allow the eyes to focus on the overhanging light including other accessories that completes the look of the kitchen as a whole.