Stylish Ways To Achieve A Modern Kitchen Design

Close up of a glossy kitchen counter - Designer Kitchens

Amongst the spaces that are usually renovated in a home is the kitchen. Today, the kitchen is most commonly known as the centre of the home which means a brilliantly designed kitchen layout makes for a spectacular abode.

Whether you’re building one for a brand new house, or renovating your current kitchen, settling on a specific kitchen layout is definitely not simple. There are huge choices to make and lots of shopping materials to choose from! So to help you determine the kind of style you’d want to go for, we’ve gathered a few of the trendiest modern kitchen design to guide you on this important endeavor:


Modern Monochromatic
The storage in this kitchen is superb. Everything in this space is modernly on point; starting from the glossy island, the floor-to-ceiling cabinets adjoining the uniformed cupboards, up to the earth-toned accessories placed in the room. It’s neat, well-lit, and harmoniously put together.


The Overlooking Layout
This modern space is surrounded with massive windows overlooking the outside view, allowing more natural light to envelope the entire room. The streamlined cupboards hide some of the utensils, while the counter is kept organized, placing only the items that are necessary to create a modern look. This allows the viewer to focus on the outside world that seems to be an oversized painting, making it the perfect focal point.


The Multi-purpose Unit
A multi-purpose island such as this can be utilized for both food prep and dining area. Without a proper dining room, this home owner elected to get a multi-purpose island instead, which can be used for additional prep area, as well as for dining with family and even host a gathering with friends. The combination of dark units and wood detailing adds a certain industrial feel into the space as well.


Comfy and Bright
This kitchen’s fluid indoor-outdoor connection and open-concept layout undoubtedly made the space look bigger than it really is. It’s a remarkably unobtrusive isle allowing the room to feel modern, yet simple and comfy. Keeping the units, furnitures, and other accessories muted and earth-toned makes the area look light and airy as well.


Neat and Small Layout
It definitely has lots of additional storage space, though this kitchen might not possess a wide area. The sleek white worktop and metro tile splashback makes the entire area appear larger. Opting for open shelves rather than the traditional closed cabinets also adds a certain modern yet classic twist.


Go for a Dark Kitchen
This kitchen stands out from the rest thanks to its dark yet sophisticated vibe. If you decide to go for this style, mismatch a lot of neutral based colours to balance everything out. This creates a certain uniformed look that’s very trendy in the modern age of kitchen design.

Take some inspirations and put together the ultimate modern design for your very own kitchen space!