Stylish Ways to Design Open Shelves

Open plan kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

Manage your open shelves along well thought-out lines for a kitchen that looks lusciously appealing.

Practically speaking, organizing anything from pots to recipe ingredients and pans on open shelves keeps them handy.

A jumbled storage jars, mixture of china wares and cluttered pans can look messy, but organizing what you display on your shelves and by hiding the less-used items in kitchen cupboards, they can turn into an art display as well as practical storage.

White out
A classic design that never fails is by organizing items of one colour for it creates an articulate, cohesive look. China wares of different sizes and shapes could be mixed up together to make an elegant display of regal white.

Recipe library
Books placed in kitchen shelves are a traditional combination. While most of us keep our novels in the living room, recipe books however, belong in the kitchen. You could also place them on shelves that open out into the adjoining space.

Practicality is the key
When considerately arranged, even the most practical and small kitchen kit can look interesting, so don’t limit your shelves for purely practical purpose. Place each item with a little space between each one rather than in a disorganized chaos, and the general result will be explicitly attractive.

Display dry goods
When dried foods is stored in glass jars, they could look really attractive. From pasta to rice, to dried beans and colourful lentils, food can create a divine display. Look for low-cost glass jars and put a label on the back with the content’s expiration date, before displaying them up on your shelves.

Sticking to a classic design of black and white will provide shelves a feeling of tidiness and order. This basically means you could create a more cluttered, casual display, which however would still look harmonious, thanks to the effortless monochrome theme.

Earth tones
An assortment of pottery and ceramics would look beautiful when arranged on open shelves. Large pieces can be arranged side by side, while small dishware can be stacked in little towers. A huge assortment of pottery would look rather warm and rustic if it were to be placed on shelves against a wood-panelled wall.

Keep it tidy
A neat arrangement composing mainly of white china produces a feeling of balance and proportion in any type of kitchens, may it be modern or traditional. Dark painted wall behind the shelves will help the glassware and china pieces stand out, which will then generate an even greater sense of the uniformity.

Open shelves are perfect when it comes to aesthetics, allowing you to exhibit your favourite pieces and bring splashes of colours and details to your space.