How to Stylishly Incorporate a Dining Area in Small Kitchens

Kitchen design for a smaller kitchen space - Designer Kitchens

Every kitchen needs its own dining area, but what if your space isn’t enough for a standard-sized dining set? Take some time to re-evaluate your small space and start thinking creatively.

Your kitchen, no matter the size, can be practical and stylish at the same time. Borrow some of these clever ideas on how you could incorporate your very own dining area, even with in a small kitchen.


A table for two
Working with a kitchen layout that’s only wide enough to squeeze in a few cabinets on one side, and a small empty space on the other, can be a bit tough for some home owners. However, with careful planning, a compact eating area can be placed in the room.

Estimate the table size that can perfectly fit the space without blocking any cupboard doors or alley way. Also, it is wise to pick a couple of lightweight chairs that are easy enough to move so you can re-arrange them whenever you want. This allows you to have sufficient area for dining, without having to occupy too much space.


Something narrow and lean
A long, rectangular worktop could also be used as your dining space, like this one. What’s more is that you could double it as a work surface when preparing ingredients. Choosing a narrow unit ensures that there’s still plenty of space to walk around the area; it’s both stylish and functional!


Sacrifice some cupboards space
Are you desperate to have somewhere to sit but can’t squeeze in any table in the room? Then you might have to sacrifice your cupboard so you can slide in a couple of high stools. You can save so much space by doing this trick! The only problem is, this idea is easy enough to accomplish when dealing with a new layout, but overhauling an existing kitchen space could be a little more difficult.


Go for an overhang worktop
Another simple yet very effective method to incorporate a dining space in your kitchen is to extend the worktop, as it allows enough overhang to fit two stools underneath. Remember that this isn’t about creating lots of dining space, but rather, transforming your functional kitchen into a friendly and stylish area.


Keep it simple yet relaxing
To avoid a small kitchen from feeling too cluttered and messy, stick to a muted colour scheme with lots of natural elements. Keep the design sleek by placing a simple table near a tall window that allows plenty of light to flow around the room. Also, bring in numerous plants to give that relaxing vibe.

With a bit of creative thinking and lots of planning, you can definitely squeeze in a stylish dining space in your small kitchen!