Stylishly Practical Kitchen Island Ideas

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Most home owners desire to obtain a kitchen unit that has stunning display, sufficient storage, and high functionality. Now in order to get all that, one must simply focus their attention to the kitchen island.

If you have the chance to choose or even design your very own kitchen island unit, then you’re in for a delightful treat! Have a look at these stylish and ultimately practical kitchen island designs that you’ll definitely love:


Upcycle The Desk
When you really want to put an island in your kitchen for that added storage, but your budget isn’t quite ready for it, then why not re-purpose an old desk instead. Transform it into a functional island that could store a lot of goods you need everyday, and use it as a butcher’s block.


Stainless Steel
Design your kitchen with a multi-functional island that can be used for food preparation and dining area. This white kitchen with sleek accents of stainless steel is perfect for such activity. The flawlessly gleaming worktop is extremely easy to clean as well; you simply wipe it after each use.


Two-level Unit
Upgrade the look of your kitchen by adding another feature like this multi-level island unit. You could place your appliances on one level and form a breakfast bar on the higher part of the unit. Experiment with the designs and decide which would fit best in your space.


Monochrome Design
If you’re into minimalist look, then why not recreate this monochromatic themed kitchen.

Install an island with a transitional zone; one designated for food prep, and another for accommodating your family and guests. After all, one can never go wrong by combining black furniture pieces with seamless white units.


Tiny Kitchen Island
Give your small kitchen area the charm of an old-fashioned island.

Transform any old wooden cabinet into a stunning focal point and a practical kitchen work space, by simply removing the drawers of the bottom shelf (to provide lots of storage space for the utensils) and keeping the upper half of the shelf intact.


White Industrial
Blend in some reclaimed pieces to create one unified industrial look.

Place iron stool (can be old or new) with a reclaimed wood counter. If you can, try to paint the walls and units in white for a neutral background. This allows the eyes to focus on the overhanging industrial lights and other accessories that completes the overall look of this kitchen.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can recreate these stylish and practical design ideas? Try it out on your next kitchen revamp!