Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Choosing the Right Finish

The most affordable and easiest way to transform the look of your kitchen is by replacing the cabinet doors with either a matt or high gloss kitchen finish. Since cabinets occupy a huge amount of kitchen space, they’re easily noticeable.

So by replacing them with new kitchen cabinets, you can instantly transform the overall look and feel of the kitchen. But the challenge remains—figuring out which finish and kitchen door type are appropriate for your kitchen.

This article will help you choose which finish is right for your cabinets.

High gloss kitchen finish

A popular contemporary design for kitchen doors, this finish is ideal for kitchen cabinets with a flat surface. Others refer to this particular finish as ultrahigh gloss and can vary depending on the manufacturer or designer.

If light colours are used, the light easily reflects back to the kitchen, making the space appear brighter and larger than it actually is. Also, a glossy surface for the kitchen cabinet doors makes space look tidy and clean.

Reasons why you should opt for a high gloss finish:

  1. If you have a small space for your kitchen, you can make it appear larger
  2. Darker colours not appear too dark and would not make the space appear cramped
  3. High gloss finish is easy to clean compared

Matt kitchen finish

This particular finish type is often associated with a traditional or a modern kitchen and most often used for wooden kitchen cabinet doors. If you plan on kitchen doors with moulded design, then a matt finish is the ideal choice.

Additionally, a matt finish is also perfect for contemporary kitchen cabinet doors. If your kitchen space is very bright, then a matt finish is the perfect choice since it absorbs light, providing just the right amount of lighting.

Advantages of using a matt finish for your kitchen cabinets:

  1. Marks, scratches, smudges and fingerprints will not be easily visible on the surface
  2. Consistent colours throughout
  3. Like the glossy finish, it is easy to clean

Other factors to consider   

Other factors that need to be considered include the colour and door design.

You colour choice greatly affects the overall appearance of the room. Wood grain or richer colours make your kitchen appear warm and inviting, while lighter colours make it look brighter and larger.

Door handles are also another factor that needs to be considered. Handle-less kitchen cabinet doors are the latest in the market these days. Although these door types appear to flow effortlessly and provide a streamlined and clean finish, a number of homeowners find them too clinical-looking.

Whether you choose a matt or a high gloss kitchen cabinet finish, keep in mind the above factors. If you are still undecided, you can always choose to mix both finishes for your kitchen.