Timeless Designs For The Heart Of Your Home

Bright white, traditional kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

We spend so much time in our kitchens than practically anywhere else in our home. However, maintaining a kitchen can be utterly pricey and time-consuming so you’ll have to make sure that you won’t change your mind once the cabinets are already fitted.

Here are some classic kitchen designs to help you build a room that would last for a lifetime.

Classic Metro Tiles
This design can be found everywhere these days. People love to use this material because its design never gets old.

These brick-shaped tiles were initially made for the New York Subway way back year 1904. Today, this plain and simple design makes any kitchen feel light and airy, whilst looking both modern and vintage.

The Butler’s Sink
A classic boxy sink tends to make the daily kitchen chores easier and a little bit enjoyable. These chunky sinks fit satisfyingly into any kitchen scheme, may it be traditional or modern. Its pearly white material could work with any colour palette, as well.

Retro Fridge
Placing a colourful fridge can definitely elevate an ordinary-looking kitchen space. You can basically go crazy with any shade you like, except of course, the usual grey or white. Go for a livelier hue to brighten up the entire room.

Pendant Lamps
Suspending some pendant lamps above your island or kitchen counter, is a stylish way to emphasize the space. Selecting simple shapes will help keep things timeless and minimal. These designs are practical as well, for you can get plenty of task lighting to be used for food prep.

Gorgeous Open Shelves
Fitted cabinets are always perfect for hiding the ugly stuff away. Just remember to give space for a couple of open shelves; they’re a proven way to give any kitchen a boost of elegance. Fill the shelves with your favourite kitchen accessories and cutlery for added storage space.

Go for a Rustic Range Cooker
Rustic designs tend to be more stylish than the average models available in the market nowadays. A classic range has lots of hobs, so it would be perfect for the aspiring cooks. The original models are made of cast-iron with vintage, yet elegant designs.

Create a stunning kitchen space that would certainly last for a very long time.