Tips to Help You Choose the Right Handles For Your Kitchen

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The final touch of cabinets are the handles, may their style be contemporary, traditional, or someplace in between. They come in a variety of finishes and materials which could essentially establish the mood and style of a room.

But how do you distinguish which handles to pick to match your cabinet designs? These tips will help you decide which style is perfect for your taste.

Functionality and Quality
It’s essential to ensure that the handles you pick are well designed and made of good quality. You should go for something practical, comfortable, and stylish.

Test out the handles you plan to get. Check how they feel in your hand and how easy they are to grip. Also make sure to get the handles that are comfortable enough for others to use, think about the elders who may have arthritis on their fingers.

Consider the general feel and style you would love to accomplish. The handles you pick will have a big impact on the general vibe of your kitchen and can affect the style one way or another.

Utilizing a simple yet sleek handle on a minimalist-styled cabinet with flat-fronted drawers and doors will give an extremely smooth, modern look.

Consider putting up handles with curved barrels or with thin bars and sleek lines.

Traditional style
Traditional cabinets that have profiled doors and elaborate moldings, decorated with old-fashioned handles can bring out traditional vibe to any kitchen.

If you decide to use to use knob rather than handles on your drawers, then remember to select a design that will really go well on your doors.

Mix and match
If you don’t want to go for a contemporary or traditional feel in your kitchen; maybe a mixture of the two would suit the style of your home better.

Modern kitchen cabinets with minimalist feel, added with traditional style handles can emit a conventional touch to a kitchen.

A number of handle designs are available in an assortment of lengths. It’s a matter of taste and personal choice whether or not you combine handle lengths in your kitchen.

However, using the same length handle all throughout will create a consistent look in the kitchen.

The universal rule is that handles are placed vertically on doors and horizontally on pull-out drawers. Stand in your new kitchen and hold your handles against the drawers and cabinet doors to try out different heights and positions for each of them.

If you’re going for a more modern look in your kitchen, you may also try positioning the handles horizontally on your doors, but be sure to try how it feels like before putting it on since it won’t feel as natural as opening a door with a vertical handle.

To achieve a super sleek and modern kitchen, go for handle-less cabinets. This type of cabinet usually has recessed lip at the drawer front and on top of each door, which is basically a channel that enables you to unlock them without needing handles.

There is also ‘push-to-open mechanism’ which is usually drilled into the carcass of your cabinetry. These are very cost-effective and simple way to open cabinets without the handles.

Handles may seem to be the least detail to a kitchen design, but their purpose is utterly essential to complete the whole look and functionality of the space.