Tips On How To Upgrade Kitchen Storage

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An expensive kitchen makes no sense if things are unorganized and untidy, one of the most important things to consider is your storage space. Take a look at these kitchen storage ideas that can help you upgrade and turn things into a useful and practical tool in your kitchen.


Pantry in a Drawer
Kitchen designers have a positive outlook in putting a pantry inside a vacant drawer of a cabinet. Instead of putting all stuff on top of the kitchen counter, place it instead a safe and spacious drawer. This way you can get rid of bulky cabinetry and make use of a big unused drawer at the bottom of a cabinet.


Easy DIY mason Jar Storage
A handy way of using the bottom part of a cupboard is to hang mason jars with all the sugar, salts and other spices in it. Screwing it together with its cap at the bottom of the cabinet is a practical way of saving space.


Storage Solution for Your Measuring Cups
The usual place where you can find measuring cups and spoons is at the bottom of a drawer, which makes more hassle finding them one by one during your cooking. A practical idea of hanging them together and arranging them by their measures with a little help of hooks, paint sticks and some vinyl lettering will surely make your cooking and converting more easy and smooth.


Customizable Dish Drawer
Some drawers have deep spacious area than others and can store enough items not just food. This practical pegboard can be used to stock kitchen utensils and not letting it slide on each other or even toppling over.


Clear Some Counter Space
Commonly used kitchen appliances like a toaster usually takes up a lot of space in a kitchen worktop and it’s not easy to find a good storage solution for it. Worktop built-ins can definitely save a lot of space, sliding a toaster in and out without the need to pull it and use it. This can make your food preparation less hassle and more convenient.


DIY Pot Rack
A few S-hooks and a copper tubing together with some thrift store shelf and brackets can give you a minimal space usage of your pots and kitchen utensils. This DIY pot rack only cost less and is very simple to make.