Trendy Kitchen Galley Designs

Black high gloss kitchen

The kitchen is definitely one of the busiest areas in our home. After all, it is the one place where you prepare the meal for the whole family.

But what happens if your kitchen area looks more like a corridor than a functional hub? Here, we gathered a bunch tricks and ideas to make your galley space (no matter the size) look chic and gorgeous while still being highly useful.


The pastel pieces
Fill your kitchen with white units, wooden surfaces, and bits of pastel-coloured pieces. This fresh design works perfectly well in small kitchens as it creates a light and airy vibe. Be sure to keep the place well-lit so that natural light will flood the entire space. Don’t forget to balance out all the hues you want to incorporate so it wouldn’t seem too chaotic and nursery-like.


Go for neutrals
Most of the time, the simplest of colour themes work best when your space is quite cramped or limited. Let your kitchen galley exhibit sophistication by combining the classic black and white, with a dash of earthy tones in order to create an organized and minimalist area.


The Feature flooring
Any bold design that makes the eyes focus on anything other than the compact galley proportions, will help create the space look and feel bigger than it really is. Ornate tiles can sometimes do the trick for it generates a strong and striking pattern. However, if you decide on doing this, be sure that your colour palette matches the design of the flooring of your choice; in short, make them blend well together.


Go all out on shelves
Building a good storage system in galley kitchens could be a little tricky. Most of the time, wall units take up too much space, thus, making the area look smaller. If you have a smaller space, installing cabinets on every square inch of wall may not be a very good idea.

Don’t worry though, there’s a solution to this dilemma: try using different kinds of shelving system instead and mix them all up to create a whole lot of storage. Open shelving on the other side, metallic shelves on the other, and a bunch of closed cabinets on other areas to make the most out of the space.


Luxe lightings
This is one of the easiest ways to inject an illusion of luxury and glam though your kitchen galley is really quite small. Luxe light fittings draw attention to the ceiling and helps break up the whole view of the space. A couple of these elegant pieces can really soften the feel of the room. Notice how the glossy tiles and stark white cabinets help bounce the light around the space.


Something dark
Pale and bare white units might seem like the ideal choice for most galley kitchen for they boosts the light levels, make clean lines, and make the space appear larger and wider than it is. But who says you can’t do the total opposite of it? Try painting your kitchen with a dark hue on one wall to add depth and interest in the room. Pair it up with copper pendant lights to complete the look.

Your current kitchen galley may not have the ideal size or design but it can definitely transform depending on how you style it! Apply these ideas to your kitchen space now!