Trendy Kitchens in Luscious Dark Tones

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Whether you like the thought of blending light shades with dark accents, or want to go all out and paint the whole space in your chosen dark shade, read on to find out how to pick the right lighting and fittings to make a stunningly colourful kitchen area.

Mix up some bright shades
Blending dark blues and greys with bold colours can brighten up a scheme. A kitchen painted with deep grey tone, punctuate by colourful display of a cook book collection with bright red kitchen appliance and rug really accentuates a space.

Work the white
Regal blue and sleek white is a perfect combination that constantly makes a strong visual impact. Work a white sink and pale-grey colored worktop to pop against a blue-toned backdrop. This idea creates a gloomy room to glow with light. Display some white pieces on the worktop as well to add to the contrast for a skillfully designed space.

Dark cabinets with light walls
An industrial-designed kitchen mixed with charcoal cabinets, white tiles and wall backdrop is a classic look with a modern twist. Add a sense of light and space by putting up open shelving on the top half portion, contrasting with the dark colour below.

Glossy fitting
Dark colours blend well with metals. Dark grey cabinets can work well with rich copper sink and shiny brass taps. You could also go choose to have a copper splashback or worktop if you want to create a massive display of luxe.

Proper lighting
Rooms painted with dark colours needs to have proper task lighting to keep the kitchen bright and welcoming. Let natural light spread across the whole room as well. The dining area could be softened by placing pendant lights over the breakfast bar and dining table.

Consistency is the key
A beautifully strong colour can work wonderfully to link an open-plan kitchen with the dining area. Pair up some charcoal cabinets with a grey sofa and some dark blue pendant lights along with white backdrop and natural wood space. The consistent use of coordinated colours brings order to a higher level.

Concealed storage
Mount some stealthy cupboards and cabinets that would look like a simple display on the wall at first sight. Panel them high on the wall to really make it seem like as if it’s not a kitchen cupboard at all.

Classic kitchens do not always have to be sleek whites and neutral coloured. In fact, some of the most striking room designs are the ones painted in bold colours with subtle accessories to match them with.