Unique Schemes that Stands Out From the Crowd

Colourful kitchen design - Designer Kitchens

Kitchen designs do not always have to be minimal, sleek, and neutral. Make your kitchen a cozy space for your family and friends to enjoy.

Take a look at these unique ideas for some motivation to go against the mainstream!

Vintage feel
A country kitchen with soft color palette can emit a cutesy and cottagey feel. Put some painted chairs, vintage scales, florals, glass jars, and bright colored drapes for a boho effect. The result will be quirky and charming.

Be in the pink
Who says kitchen units should be pristine white, flawless wood, and matt grey? A glossy candy pink unit can actually be a perfect look. Pink units would look superbly modern, especially when blended with some floral wallpaper. Just be sure that the colors would still complement each other.

Old-fashioned tiles
Getting bored with the never ending metro-style trend? Then try mounting some colourful tiles in a 1970s style instead. Uncommon wall tiles can brighten up a bare kitchen and it adds quite a character on your space as well.

Clash of Hues
Another good illustration of a unique design would be by blending two contrasting hues. Emerald green paired with Sky blue units would most likely not work when you imagine it, but it actually does. Just add some elements to neutralize both colors by integrating wooden floors and worktop.

Use the accessories
If you’re not yet ready to commit for bright colored walls and units, you can still work out a uniquely designed kitchen even with a neutral backdrop. A harmonized collection of ceramic utensils can certainly add life, colour, and quirkiness to any neutral space.

Experiment with lighting
If you’re not into subtle spotlights and a pair of metal pendants, then consider mounting a bunch of bare bulbs. Dangling lights of vibrant yellow would work brilliantly in any plain space. It can instantly elevate the whole look of your metro-tiled and grey-floored kitchen to another level.

Put up some wallpaper
Wallpaper is not commonly used in kitchens, but it’s actually a fantastic way to soften the sleekness and roughness of the shiny appliances and worktops. Floral printed wallpaper can add a cozy feel and delicate touch to any space.

Coloured cabinets
A modernized, vivid-coloured units will look stunning if fused well with other units. Using vibrant colours could also mean that you need to make less effort to other pieces; the floor and walls can stay simple and neutral for the bold colours to stand out.

Full boho vibe
Fuse some Persian rugs with bright coloured walls, thrift shop artworks, and multi-coloured chandelier if you aren’t afraid to show some character on your space. Exhibit your arty side and blend different colours and elements. The outcome would definitely be a cozy room for your family and friends to hangout.

Think outside the box and decorate your kitchen space as unique as you!