Units to Focus on If You’re Not a Fan of Cooking

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Would you rather read and sip some glass of wine than cook every day?

Common kitchen designs are likely to be centered on the assumption that you will be spending lots of time cooking in your kitchen.

The truth is, not every person loves the art of cooking. Not everybody could afford dual ovens, an enormous kitchen island and a supersize fridge. So what do you do with your kitchen space? Here are a few ideas to think about.

Pleasant seating
When maximizing a cabinet space is not one of your major concerns, a lot of fun possibilities can happen; a beautiful seating area in the kitchen is one great alternative.

The hours you don’t spend in cooking can be spent by lounging in a comfortable space and enjoying your favourite drink. It’s also a great space for entertaining space aside from your living area.

Wine storage
If you don’t have a huge set of cookware to store, then modify some of that space to something you always make use of. You could craft your own wine bar with bottle storage mounted on the wall, with a tasting bar attached to the adjacent wall.

Coffee station
Indulge on a top-quality espresso maker to stir up your morning brew of choice at the comfort of your own home. Since you don’t spend much for fancy cookware and knives, why not invest your money to something useful to you.

Home library
If you’re a full-pledged bookworm, think about building your own mini library and transform one of your kitchen walls into a massive bookshelf. You could display loads of books, all while keeping your space a little flexible.

Just in case
Even those people who seldom cook should still keep some essential appliances (such as fridge, oven, coffee maker, dishwasher) in the kitchen. You may one day decide to cook at home or house a party. Nevertheless, time will come when cooking will be necessary, and a backup plan could never hurt anyone.

Transform your unused kitchen area into one comfy space where you could relax and spend time with friends. Check out other kitchen designs from our gallery for more tips!