Varieties Of Kitchen Layouts

Let us explore the different kinds of kitchen layouts that may suit your style. Bear in mind that the size and shape of the room can directly influence the type of kitchen layout that you will decide on, so it is really worth exploring the range of layouts that may fit your needs and lifestyle.

Here are the top five, most common kitchen layouts that you could choose from:

The Galley

A galley kitchen contains a single line of cabinets, and is usually long and narrow in shape. With creative planning and design, this layout can definitely function as an efficient and sleek kitchen area.

Separating the sink and cooking area, with enough work surface, is the ideal way to for this specific layout. It still offers a lot of storage space, and a very practical choice for busy home cooks who like everything to be within reach of a hand. The area might be a bit narrow, but dining should not be compromised. However, if the space cannot accommodate a dining set, then simply use a small table and a couple of chairs instead. As much as possible, incorporate open shelving to prevent the room from feeling cramped.

The Islanddouble-galley

Island layout usually works more efficiently with a bigger kitchen space rather than the usual small kitchens. Though this plan is more suited to medium sized rooms, it may still give you some inspirations and ideas that you can eventually incorporate into your final design.

The Double Galley

Double galley kitchen features more space for effective storage (with cabinets along two walls) and the chance to incorporate more designs, such as varying cabinet heights and staggered depths. This provides great options for numerous cooking activities, as well as preventing the kitchen from feeling like a confined corridor.

Remember that aside from having enough space in between, proper lighting can also make or break both the functions and aesthetics of a double galley kitchen. Choose something that creates a homey feel.

The Lshape

This one is probably the most practical and popular layout, as it offers great ergonomics and storage. It also provides a very effective working triangle, allowing for more activities to be done at the same time. This works for both small and large kitchen areas since it provides more than enough space for a dining table; it’s the perfect space for dining with your family and entertaining guests.

u-shapedThe U-shape

The sleek U-Shaped kitchen layout usually necessitates more space than what’s available in most small kitchens. This plan is more applicable with bigger sized kitchens, but it may still offer some great ideas that you can definitely integrate into the final layout of your kitchen design.

Choose the layout that would best fit your budget, style, and personality!

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