Versatile Hanging Racks That Will Have You Hooked

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Revive one of the finest and oldest ways to keep your utensils and appliances organized.

Professional Chefs manage their equipments in a very orderly manner; they always have a practical and versatile kitchen storage racks to avoid clutter and confusion. Unlike many people, they don’t hide pans and pots away in hard to reach cupboard.

These racks range from large, chunky construction that can hold an entire cupboard’s worth, some even has lightings, and clever designs that not only does the job but adds style as well.

Blend with nature
Put up a blanched and sun-bleached branch and put it into good use as a way to hang up kitchen essentials. It makes your most used items close to hand and supplements a natural and casual mood in your kitchen.

Make use of a window
Insufficient working space? A simple bar hung at the window’s horizontal woodwork is an effective way to hang a row of cooking pans. Connect it with open shelves for glasses and cutlery; your kitchen will surely be a sight to behold and this means you don’t have to rummage in various cupboards whenever you cook.

Industrial with rustic look
If you own a range cooker; a rack that demonstrates an industrial-meets-rustic vibe is precisely the suitable way to store it, for it demands a reliable storage space. Putting up one or two sets of identical pans is also perfect for your kitchen to be convenient, as well as visually pleasant.

Maintain simplicity
Hanging kitchen storage does not mean going huge and bulky. Keeping things tidy and minimalistic means you still get a bonus visual interest of the kitchen display, but not getting too carried away.

Utilize space with style
A conventional laundry dryer that operates on a pulley system, is a great addition to a laundry room, scullery, or even for a small and condensed kitchen. While it’s purpose is for drying of clothes, it’s just as functional for hanging pots, pans, and even rugs and towels.

Integrate lighting
A huge central island means the spots above can go underutilized. Keeping all your kitchen tools hanging up and out of the way, but easily reachable; and also integrating lights to illuminate the prep area is a brilliant use of the space.

Organize like a chef
Assemble a line of professional-looking pans and pots along one rail to mimic a creative chef-like kitchen. Be sure to hang the rail and larger pots high enough for the convenience of all the cooks in the household to avoid the risk of accidents.

Experiment on these ways to achieve a versatile and stylish working space.