Ways to Combine Metallics into Your Kitchen Space

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The trend for metallic kitchen designs seems to become more and more popular.

The kitchen area perhaps offer the most space out of all the rooms in any home, for hosting elements of copper, brass, and gold.

A few subtle sparks in your kitchen lighting and accessories may be all you need. You could also go for something more extensive, such as an antique copper cooker, a shiny metallic island, or even a bronze sink. Take some motivation from these ingenious kitchen designs where the balance of metallic design is spot on.

Let the lights sparkle
Choosing the lighting is one way to incorporate the perfect metallic piece. You may pick one enormous design or even a group of two or more.

Contrasting different finishes often works well. For example, combine an industrial-style pendant light with freestanding rustic units.

Enhance your existing kitchen
Incorporate some metallic elements to your kitchen without beginning from scratch. Place some copper-coloured dining chairs or bar stools to brighten up your space without having to spend a lot.

Revamp your present wooden stools with metallic spray paint. You can also utilize a masking tape and spray only the bottom part of the legs, if you’re on a tight budget.

A Mediterranean look
Go for a bronze or copper hammered metal sink combined with a curvy tap, in contrast to a white marble worktop to bring in some Mediterranean flavour to your kitchen.

Copper is the ideal metal to choose for those who appreciate the progressing nature of natural materials.

The industrial look
Pick a copper tap with a practical design when creating an industrial look on your space. Place it high on the wall and pair it with some classic metro tiles and stylish String-style shelving for the ultimate factory feel.

Be bold and brave
If you really want your kitchen to make a huge statement; reflective metallic cupboards are the perfect way to go.

These designs are covered in highly polished brass sheet, though some kitchen companies offer gloss glass metallic finishes or gloss lacquer that offers comparable effect.

Concentrate on the details
Choosing gold designs on big items such as; sinks, cabinetry, and other appliances, could be a little excessive for some.

Going for a more subtle touch of this specific metal (on cupboard handles, for example) can still bring a plain kitchen alive without going overboard.

Glam your splashback tiles
Selecting a single statement feature, such as a bronze mirror tile, can absolutely take a simple white kitchen into a whole new level.

Metallic-coloured ceramic tiles or mirror tiles are both decent options. Choose a high-gloss gold tiles that looks like sparkling mosaic tiles and gold bars.

Whether you prefer a vintage boho vibe, an extreme luxurious look, a relaxed Mediterranean feel, or the simplicity of an industrial style; metallics can bring a brilliant transformation to your kitchen.