Ways To Maximise Kitchen Lighting

With all the planning for the design and equipment that went in to your kitchen, never forget to put in the right lights at the right places so you’ll be able to enjoy all of the room. Just keep in mind these points below:

Start it right

Start by checking out where your appliances will be, where your worktops will be. Your cupboards and pantry will all need the right lighting. So even before your kitchen is done or even before you start building it don’t rush any decisions you might regret and that might cost you later. Your floor should match your lighting to make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter. Plan ahead on your electrics and fittings and make sure they are installed before the kitchen plaster, décor and fittings are done.

Never over budget the lights because you don’t have to overspend on them if you plan to install a lot of lights in your kitchen, balance the lighting in the room so you only spend on what will make your room have the right brightness.

Light zone

Most kitchens require only one type of lighting and that is okay but for many well-designed kitchens, more than one type of lighting is essential. Especially for where the appliances are placed, lighting should be strategically placed to get the best effect. Combined with the right paint on the wall, the right lighting will create the most wonderful room in the home. Make sure you place more light over the cooking area, also bigger rooms mean more light.

Consider, too, the walls when installing the lights, if you choose the right shade for your wall, the light will bounce of them perfectly and will enhance the ambiance of your kitchen. It can make your room glow and you won’t be able to notice the resealed scratches on your worktop.

Make plans

If you can, make a blueprint of how you want your room to be lit. You will want to maximize the effect your lighting will have in your kitchen. From your up lighter, downlight, spotlights to your accent lights, the right position can create the right mood for your kitchen.

Make sure your electrician is informed of your plans. They have to know what you want in your kitchen if you want anything fancy installed. Shop around for what is the latest lighting technology.

Decorate lighting

Your china will look great behind cabinets when decorative lighting is installed. One decorative lighting can highlight the great worktop you have installed and it will surely delight anyone who walks in your kitchen.

Dining lights

Adequate lighting will make you enjoy having meals especially during breakfast when families plan their day. Softer lights will make after dinner talks longer. Overhead pendants in a row will catch anyone’s attention teamed up with wall lights and create a warm glow in your kitchen.


Most kitchens have the most activities in the house, the family will love to read, relax do paperwork and watch TV right there in the kitchen when the light is right to set the mood. It can be a multifunctional space for your family when layered lighting is set on different areas of the room.

Plinth lights around your island can make an impression even when it’s dark if lit right. It wouldn’t hurt too if LED lights are installed. They last longer and are more economical, too.


Not all kitchens are made the same, if you plan to add more lighting, consider first how much natural light goes into the kitchen. Natural light should be balanced with artificial lighting, so observe how much light gets in during the day and if possible, even during different seasons of the year.

Your worktops should also have to be considered, some worktops like granite really sparkle when the light is lit and even during the daytime reflects light to add more life in the room.

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