What Makes Rempp Kitchens So Good

Rempp, a German kitchen manufacturer, provides exquisite contemporary furniture designs by utilizing the finest precision engineering. They have earnt themselves a desirable reputation and status within the European design community, for their value and emphasis on traditional craftsmanship merged with up-to-date engineering techniques to create timeless and classic kitchen spaces.

An Honoured Heritage
Rempp is a family-owned company. It was established by master joiner Ernst Rempp in Fluorn during the 1930. Years passed and the company flourished; it was then relocated to Wildberg in the Black Forest during 1935, in order to accommodate the rising business. Throughout that stage, the company only had 10 employees. The business continued to grow, but 80 years later they still remained on the exact same site.

Ernst and Frida Rempp
The factory has developed around the family home and is now managed by the third generation of the Rempp family; Christoph, Matthias, and Johannes. The company utilizes all the latest and modern technology, but still places value on traditional craftsmanship and skills. As a matter of fact, several of their employees are also third generation!

Being located in the Black Forest, which is a core for traditional artistries such as carpentry, Rempp have been able to gain certain set of skills and expertise. Those skills have then become the basis of what makes Rempp kitchens exceptionally unique. The balanced combination of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship is the realization of uniquely distinctive and timeless kitchen designs.

The new industrial unit in Wildberg – year 1935
10 years ago, a 2-floor showroom was constructed at the Rempp head office in Black Forest. All the manufacturing is still completed from this site, but now the kitchen designs can also be displayed to clients in the showroom.

The new showroom in Wildberg – year 2005

Bespoke Kitchens
At Rempp, each kitchen that leaves the workshop matters. When purchasing from Rempp, you can actually tailor-make your kitchen to ensure that your individual preference shines through.

Compromise is not something that is acquainted at Rempp, the excellent quality of the workmanship, design, finishes, products, and of the overall service is second to none.

Through the years, Rempp have been one the leading kitchen designers, producing effortlessly classic and on-trend kitchens.

Seattle, year 2015

Industry Accolades:
The company constantly ranks number 2 in competition, with 27 other European kitchen manufacturers in esteemed market research Markt Intern. This marks them as outstanding in the areas of design, communication, innovation, product consistency and quality.

Harrogate and Trukitchen are delighted to partner up with Rempp. We only merge with the finest in class brands, and we sought to work with a kitchen brand that understood the necessity for uniqueness and never compromised on high quality. We would be pleased for you view our showcase Rempp kitchens that we supply.