Veneer Kitchens

Veneer Kitchens

Veneer Kitchens

Veneer kitchens – Whilst solid wood cabinets and doors offer a stunning aesthetic, you may find that it comes at a greater expense than your budget. A more affordable alternative to solid wood yet virtually identical are high gloss wood veneers, which feature a beautiful sheen and are manufactured in the most modern facilities. The base of our veneer cabinets are constructed using synthetic material, making them more stable than a solid wood cabinet and eradicating the possibility of distortion as is seen with solid wood due to exposure to changing temperatures and humidity. Thin slices of real wood are joined to the artificial core, available in a range of woods and expensive timbers, such as zebrano. The high-gloss finish gives the veneers a reflective quality through multiple coatings of spray lacquer. This technique creates a deep, top quality colour.

Painted Veneer Kitchens

Painted veneers provide you with an even greater range of looks for your veneer kitchens. Providing the same look and texture as wood veneers, you can paint your veneers to achieve any colour of which you desire. Whether it’s a creamy vanilla colour to create a warm, country and classic feel or a contemporary rustic feel with a combination of dark and light greys, painted wood veneers can meet the look you desire. With over 30 different colours and tones, we can guarantee we’ll have something for you.

Veneers and Solid Wood Kitchens

Our veneers are of the highest quality and add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen whilst still remaining affordable. However, you may wish to go with a more traditional look and create a solid wood framed door or work top. We are able to design this for you in any of the above mentioned woods. Installing a natural material as the base of your kitchen creates tranquil, rustic vibrancy to any living space. We offer only the most durable wood, sourced from the finest raw materials in stunning grains, hues and finishes, all exquisitely crafted into the design you choose. Installing solid wood units can completely overhaul the energy and style of any kitchen. Oak wood installations create a look of rich opulence, reminiscent of Tuscan style kitchens with accents of extravagant Italian taste. Alternatively, installing a solid, sandy timber such as maple cognac can create an elegant and airy atmosphere, complimenting areas where natural light is in abundance by keeping everything airy and sprightly, and also in spaces that lack natural light encouraging a breezy and fresh kitchen whilst uplifting the energy of the whole room. The tangible finish of our solid wood units and surfaces creates a long-lasting, top quality kitchen.

Wood Gloss Laminate Kitchens

Wood gloss laminate is engineered by vacuum-forming a high-gloss, semi-molten foil over a treated and sealed core, which is then pressed and sealed together. Wood gloss laminate finishing offers a truly stunning aesthetic at extremely reasonable pricing, whilst not compromising on quality. The sleek, smooth and shiny effect of the laminate finish creates a virtually identical look to the high gloss veneers, many colourings being near indistinguishable from their high gloss veneer counterparts. A practical material, wood gloss laminate is water and heat resistant, with the corners and edges airtight so that when the surface is exposed to water the risk of expansion is avoided.

Wood Matt Laminate kitchens

Possessing all the same positive attributes as wood gloss laminate, wood matt laminate offers an intriguing and contemporary aesthetic choice for your kitchen, whilst still remaining at an affordable price. Wood Matt laminate finishing is almost indistinguishable from the wood veneer finishing, both creating a stunning and high-end look. Wood matt laminate is available in 8 divine wood effects complimenting perfectly a number of kitchen designs.

High Gloss Laminate Kitchens

The least expensive of our entire range of high gloss kitchen finishes, high gloss laminate kitchens can be constructed to create some truly stunning designs at very affordable prices. The method of manufacturing is vacuum-form a high gloss, semi-molten foil over a pre-machined substrate, which is then pressed and adhered together. As the units are engineered this way, it allows for a continuous foil on all the exposed surfaces of the kitchen doors. The measurements of these doors are 19mm thickness with a 3mm corner radius. The doors are explicitly designed to prevent moisture from permeating the doors seal. This is ensured by the doors being fabricated to maintain prevention of the foil delaminating from the substrate. Our high gloss laminates are machined and constructed so well that the majority of our customers find it difficult to distinguish between these and some of our more expensive door types. This is particularly true in the lighter colours.

Designer Kitchens have just finished fitting us a lovely kitchen. They impressed us at all stages of the process. We had some ideas about what we wanted but they were able to think outside the box and come up with ideas which no – one else did

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They Designed the Kitchen for our new build home, very happy with it and even when I have silly questions about the ovens a year later they are still helping me, can’t recommend enough!